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We know stories, and any technology is then just a tool for us . Be it projection mapping, virtual reality, augmented reality, LED displays , you name it, we know it.

Kangla -The Royal Palace -2017

This show is at the one of the most precious heritage sites of the State - Kangla Fort. This 35 minute multimedia show abounded with aqua screen projection, lasers, fire, Musical fountains, lights and a 5.1 theatrical surround sound which aptly showcases the tale of Ningthouja’s whose rulers brought various clans under its fold at different period of time. Then to the unforgettable experience of 1891, Anglo - Manipur War. The show is envisaged as a night spectacular enriching the visual experience of the visitors to the Fort.
Technology used: Musical Fountains, 3 Water screens, 3 Multimedia Projectors, 4 Lasers and a surround sound of 5.1 for the mesmerising experience for the spectators.